NEW! June 28th, 2009 Oppose mining in Tibet!


Mining Tibet

Currently foreign businesses are participating in the mining of natural resources in Tibet. Because of this, sites sacred to the Tibetan people are being desecrated and the damage from environmental destruction is ever widening.

In June the Zhongkai Company, after pressure from local Tibetans protesting and international groups like SFT, stopped the expansion of the gold mine in Mangkang county. Unfortunately, many other foreign businesses are still cooperating with the Chinese government to continue to rob Tibet of it's natural resources.

SFT and Tibet support groups are continuing various actions and demonstrations to oppose the mining activities. The National Director of SFT Canada spoke at the HDI/Continental Minerals' Annual General Meeting, "Die-ins" were staged in Dharamsala, India, and in London a letter requesting the withdrawal of funds to HDI/Continental Minerals was presented to Standard Bank Plc by SFT UK.

Canada: Opposing HDI/Continental Minerals' mining operations

If HDI/Continental Minerals' 14 year gold, silver and bronze mining operation planned for Shethongmon in Central Tibet is allowed to proceed, the damage to the lives of the Tibetans living in the region will be irreversible. The mine itself is directly next to the Yarlung Tsangpo river, the main source of water for the second largest city in Tibet, Shigatse as well as many towns and villages.

Despite the fact that Tibet is currently under a military blockade and with full knowledge that they risk arrest, imprisonment and possibly death, Tibetans continue resist the exploitation of their land. By pressuring HDI/Continental Minerals, we can put an end to other foreign businesses and the Chinese government from robbing Tibet of it's natural resources while also preserving Tibet's delicate environment.

What you can do

1. Get informed about Tibet's natural resources

2. Help with SFT's signature campaign
Here you can send a petition to HDI/Continental Minerals
*SFT Japan will be collecting signatures on 7/4-5 at Earth Garden

3. Donate to SFT
Online donations are possible too

4. Call HDI/Continental Minerals and lodge a complaint.
Tel: 1-800-667-2114 (From Japan: +1 604-684-6365)
Tips and talking points for when talking to HDI/Continental Minerals:

5. Use the "Stop Mining Tibet" logo on your blogs, comment and join the discussion on the SFT protest on Facebook at:

April 9th, 2009 - China: Stop the Executions!

On April 8th, China sentenced two Tibetans, Lobsang Gyaltsen and Loyak, to death for their alleged involvement in last year's protests in Lhasa. Read more about their plight.

TAKE ACTION to Help Stop the Executions: Join the Global Day of Action on April 17th!
Send an urgent letter to the Chinese government.

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March 31th, 2009 SFT India Needs Your Help

SFT placed 3rd in the Razoo March Goodness Contest and raised $16,797! This means we raised SFT India's budget for a full year and vital funds for SFT HQ.

On behalf of the SFT India staff, Choeying, Tenchoe, Shibayan and Yungdrung, we express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who donated and encouraged others to donate in this exciting fundraising contest.

March 23rd, 2009 China’s Brutality in Tibet Exposed

The Tibetan Government-in-Exile released rare footage smuggled out of Tibet that confirms Chinese forces used extreme violence against Tibetans following the March 2008 protests.