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NEW March 10 65th TIBETAN UPRISING DAY (10th March)

Date: 10th March 2024(Sun)
Venue: Women's plaza Shibuya 5Chome-53-67 Jingumae, Shibuya City, Tokyo
10:30 Gathering
12:30 Peace March starts   Shibuya - Harajuku
13:30 Peace March end
15:00 Protest in-front of the Chinese Embassy.
16:00 End of the protest
Organizers: Tibetan Community in Japan(TCJ), Students for Free Tibet Japan(SFT)


March 11 TIBETAN UPRISING DAY (10th March)

Date: 11th March 2023(Sat)
Venue: Women's plaza Shibuya 5Chome-53-67 Jingumae, Shibuya City, Tokyo
11:00 Gathering
12:30 Peace March starts   Shibuya - Harajuku
13:30 Peace March end
15:00 Protest in-front of the Chinese Embassy.
16:00 End of the protest
Organizers: Tibetan Community in Japan(TCJ), Students for Free Tibet Japan(SFT)
✴︎ Please note:This time protest in-front of the Chinese embassy will be after the Peace March.

**Canceled June 5 Celebrate Dhondup Wangchen’s Release from prison

** We're sorry but canceled due to rain.

After more than six years of prison, Dhondup Wangchen is finally going to be released from prison on 5 June 2014.
SFT Japan holds an event, filming "Jigdrel - Leaving Fear Behind" under the sky in Tokyo. Please welcome.

June 5 Celebrate Dhondup Wangchen’s Release in Tokyo
Thursday, June 5th, 2014 19:00〜20:00 *would be canceled if it's rain
Place: Daishido Temple, Gokokuji - 5 min walk from Gokokuji station, Yurakucho metro line.


Feb 22 One day fast on Losar

Petition to UNHCR to Stop the Violation in Tibet by Chinese Government

April 20th Joint statement condemning the Chinese government's oppression of Tibetans

Tibet support groups of Japan have sent a joint statement to Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan and Foreign Minister Takeaki Matsumoto that condemns the Chinese government's oppression of Tibetans in Ngaba county. The letter is based on the original letter from HH The Dalai Lama, statements from HRW, a report from TCHRD and the five NGO's earlier press release.

March 13th Prayers from India

I take this liberty, on behalf of Tibetan people, to express my deep sadness over the unimaginable disasters the people of Japan were struck on the 11th March. Such a ravaging nature razing Minamisanriku city beyond recognition is so heartbreaking to see. I am confident that Japan will overcome this natural calamity soon, and will once again outshine as ever and the people who witness the loss of their properties and loved ones shall overcome their sorrow and suffering as well. I also pray the nuclear reactor leakages bring no further human catastrophe.

Tibetan people all over the world are praying for Japan at this time. As far as my knowledge is concerned there is a mass prayer gathering at Japanese Monastery in New Delhi organized by South Delhi Tibetan Association today. I also heard that there will be a prayer gathering organized by Tibetan Community of Japan at Gukokoji temple on the 19th March from 1 to 4 pm in Tokyo. We also prayed here in Dharamsala. These acts of solidarity with the people of Japan are not a symbolic gesture but one that shows the deepest of our feelings at this time of difficult the people of Japan has to undergo.

I believe this earthquake and the tsunami are by far the most dreadful in the last 40 years of Japan's history. We pray such scale of natural disaster will not ever occur again in Japan or on this earth.

Tsering Choedup
Asia Regional Coordinator, International Tibet Network

March 12th Prayers from SFT HQ

We're shocked and saddened by the tragedy that struck Japan. It is terrifying to see some of the pictures and video of the earthquake and tsunami that have hit Japan in the last couple of days, and naturally all of us have been feeling very worried about you. I hope that all of you are somehow doing ok and recovering from the shock.

We are sending our condolences and prayers for all the people in Japan who've lost their lives in this natural disaster. We will arrange prayers in Dharamsala too at the main temple of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Please stay careful and let us know if there is anything we can do at this difficult time.

With prayer and hope,
Tendor, Kate, Tendolkar, Stef, Mary Kate and everyone else in SFT HQ

July 4th/5th - Earth Garden (Summer) 2009

Date/Time: 2009/7/4(Sat), 5(Sun)10:00 - 17:00
Place: Yoyogi Park Event Area
Sponsored by: Earth Garden

7/4 (Sat)
Main stage: Songs for Tibet from Japan

Tibet Booth:
Kawchen, SFT Japan, Society of Buddhist Monks,
Amnesty International Japan、KIKU、Tibet Cultural Exchange (Tibet交流会)

Candle lighting at 18:00 with Candle JUNE

7/5 (Sun)
Tibet booth:
Kawachen, SFT Japan, Society of Buddhist Monks,
Amensty International Japan, Tibet Cultural Exchange (Tibet交流会)

On display:

SFT Japan will be working with Kawachen to present short introductory classes on Tibetan writing (the same that were done at Feel Tibet). The other Tibet support groups will also be having events and displays based on their particular areas of speciality.

Please come out and join us for this event to promote awareness of the Tibet problem and Tibetan culture.

For those interested, the Earth Garden home page is at (Japanese only)

NEW! April 9th, 2009 - China: Stop the Executions!

On April 8th, China sentenced two Tibetans, Lobsang Gyaltsen and Loyak, to death for their alleged involvement in last year's protests in Lhasa. Read more about their plight.

TAKE ACTION to Help Stop the Executions: Join the Global Day of Action on April 17th!
Send an urgent letter to the Chinese government.

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[Finished] May 7th — 13th, 2009 - Tendor to visit Japan

Tendor in Japan

SFT Japan is happy to announce that we will be playing host to the Deputy Director of SFT, Tenzin Dorjee (Tendor), this May 7th to 13th! SFT Japan will be hosting a Lecture by Tendor on the 9th, and a Symposium with Tendor on the 10th. Registration is open now. Click here for details

About Tendor

Tendor joined SFT's staff in 2004 after one year as a member of SFT's Board of Directors and many before that as the SFT chapter leader at Brown University. His reason for being involved with SFT? "It allows me to be young, mad, angry, powerful, nonviolent and effective at the same time." He recently left the Grassroots Coordinator position and became SFT's Deputy Director.


Tendor is well regarded by the younger generation of Tibetan refugees as an activist and voice for Tibetans. Often speaking to the media, heads of state, and various organizations, Tendor's visit this year should prove to be highlight for activists in Japan.

Below is a video message from Tendor to the Tibetans and Free Tibet activists in Japan

Finished April 3rd, 2009 - Students, we need your support!

SFT Japan is looking to coordinate with students and student groups during the visit of SFT's Tenzin Dorjee (Tendor) to Japan from May 7th to the 13th. Would your organization or school like to hear from an activist who started out doing grassroots work at his university (Brown University), then moved on to full time activist work? For all those interested, please mail moc.liamg|8002napajtfs#moc.liamg_ta_8002napajtfs (both English and Japanese is OK). While we will do our best to accommodate eveyone, please understand that scheduling conflicts may make some dates and times impossible.


Finished March 25th, 2009 Help campaign for an entry visa for the Dalai Lama for South Africa

South Africa, bowing to pressure from China regarding the 2010 World Cup, has denied the Dalai Lama a visa to enter the country. URL: Dalai Lama denied an entry visa to South Africa

Because of this the South African peace conference for Nobel laureates has been postponed indefinitely. Despite being completely peaceful and only wishing to engage the Chinese government in discussions, SFT Japan regrets the fact that a meeting with the purpose of peace has been postponed due to Chinese pressure.

Please join us in writing to the South African embassy to request that the Dalai Lama be allowed to enter to attend this important meeting.

Finished March 23rd, 2009 China’s Brutality in Tibet Exposed

The Tibetan Government-in-Exile has released rare footage smuggled out of Tibet that confirms Chinese forces used extreme violence against Tibetans following the March 2008 protests.
Read details...

Finished April 18th — 19th, 2009 SFT Japan participates in Earth Day Tokyo 2009

Coinciding with Earth Day on April 22nd, SFT Japan will have a booth at the largest public earth festival in Japan, Earth Day Tokyo 2009. While there are often various Tibet support groups participating, this year will be a first for SFT Japan. Please come by and see us on the weekend at Yoyogi park.