Joint statement condemning the Chinese government's oppression of Tibetans

Please pressure the Chinese government to immediately cease all inhumane activities and exercise self-restraint at the Tibetan monastery in Ngaba county, Amdo region, Tibet.

Country of Japan
Naoto Kan, Prime Minister of Japan
Takeaki Matsumoto, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Since March 16, 2011, coinciding with the increased Chinese military oppression of Tibetaninhabited areas, starting with Ngaba, Amdo region, northern Tibet (Chinese name: Aba Tibetanand Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province), tension among the rebelling localTibetans is increasing. There, at Kitri monastery, armed police and the military have cordonedoff the monastery, confining some 2500 monks without supplies of food and water for severalweeks. In an attempt to protect the monks from attacks by the armed police and military, severallocal residents have commenced a sit-in at the front of the monastery. With reports of casualtiesamongst these residents the situation can afford no further delay.
The deputy press secretary of the United States has officially expressed concern about thesituation and the NGO human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) has issued anemergency statement calling for the Chinese government to exercise restraint. The Dalai Lamahas expressed his concern and strong wish for a peaceful resolution to the situation and TheTibetan National Assembly in Dharamsala, India, has filed a complaint with the U.N. about theworsening situation.
We endorse the statement issued jointly by five major Tibetan Support NGOs (TibetanYouth Congress, Tibetan Women’s Association, National Democratic Party of Tibet, GuChuSumMovement of Tibet, and Students for a Free Tibet-India) and strongly appeal for HRW'scall for clemency to be implemented quickly. At the same time, we appeal for the Japanesegovernment to apply pressure on the Chinese government to immediately put an end to thisinhumane behavior and implement an administration that respects human rights and conformsto the spirit of the articles of the Declaration of Human Rights put forth by the U.N.

Organizations endorsing this statement (in no particular order)

Students for a Free Tibet Japan
Tibetan Community Japan
Japan Committee for Tibet
Japan Committee of 100 for Tibet
Catuddisa Sangha
Lung-ta Project
Tibet Culture Centre