Tibet for Tibetans!

A demonstration organized by the Tibetan community of Japan

Thank you for many atendees. Please come again to Silent March.

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Photo: Nekomimi

Since the unrest in Lhasa that started in March, the Tibet problem has been drawing increased attention in Japan. Government-to-goverment dialog has been reestablished, foreign tourists have been allowed back into the Tibetan Autonomous region, and according to the media one would be believed that the situation in Tibet has calmed down.

However the reality is that while not even the "reform in human rights" has been accomplished, via the so-called "Patriotic re-education campaign" and armed police, even more tightened security measures have been constituted. Incidents where those resisting are fired upon without any warning have been reported. Despite the pledge, the human rights situation in Tibet is only worsening.

In the midst of this, the Beijing Olympics are about to commence. In the shadow of these festivities we want people to know that the lives and freedoms of many people are being sacrificed. It is with this purpose that we the Tibetan community in Japan has risen up.

This will be the first demonstration organized by the Tibetan community in Japan. We welcome all those who would stand with us.

SFT Japan will be supporting this demonstration by joining it with our Walk for a Free Tibet campaign Tokyo event.



  • This demonstration is not for oppposing the opening of the Olympics themselves.
  • This demonstration is for any of the peoples under the same oppression as the Tibetans such as Eastern Turkistan, Inner Mongolia and the Democracy movement in China. Please refrain from unrelated appeal activities.
  • Use of rude, discriminatory or abusive language is absolutely prohibited.
  • This is an absolutely peaceful demonstration. Please follow the directions of organizing staff members.
  • Please bring your own candles for the evening vigil. When it has ended, please take your belongings with you.
  • Please take care that you do not become dehydrated or heat exhausted from overexertion. You are responsible for your own water, etc.

Contact: Tibetan Community in Japan pj.evil|jct#pj.evil_ta_cjt