Tibet for Tibetans!

A silent march organized by the Tibetan community of Japan

Thank you for many atendees.

August 25. Photo news appeared on Phayul/AP.
August 25. News about this event on Phayul as "Silent March Observed in Tokyo".

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Photo: Nekomimi

The curtain is falling on the Beijing Olympics. While the Chinese government exchanged a promise of reformed human rights for the Olympics; in the shadow of the rejoicing at a successful event there are people who are being terrified by increased oppression. Although the Olympics coming to an end, the fight for our freedom, the freedom of the Tibetan people, continues. To express the grief and concern that all Tibetans carry, we will conduct a silent march. What we Tibetans are demanding are the human rights and freedoms that ordinary people have. We want to be a spokesperson and walk for all of our Tibetan brothers and sisters; for those who have lost their lives, been imprisoned, or are dealing with the sadness of have family or friends who have not come home.

By walking we want to express these voices from the darkness, this message that mere words cannot fully relate. Please come and join us, the Tibetan community in Japan, as we walk our silent march.

Date : August 24th, 2008 (Sun)
Place : Ebisu Park (Shibuya-ku, Ebisu-nishi 1-19-1) ~5 minute walk from the Hibiya Subway line or the JR Ebisu station west exit
Course : Ebisu Park -> Shibuya -> Jingudoori Park (Planned)


16:00 Assemble
16:30 Rally begins
17:00 March begins(Ebisu Park -> Shibuya -> Jingudoori Park)
19:00 Disperse

About the silent march

  • In an attempt to create the image of funeral procession, please wear simple dark colored clothing and black colored items. Please refrain from brightly colored clothing or costumes.
  • In an attempt to further emphasize silence, we also recommend masks. Any color or style is fine. Writing FREE TIBET, etc. on them would also be good.
  • Photos of the deceased and missing, Tibetan flags and banners will be used
  • There will be no shouting or slogans used during the march. Please refrain from bringing any instruments.


  • This demonstration is not for oppposing the opening of the Olympics themselves.
  • This demonstration is for any of the peoples under the same oppression as the Tibetans such as Eastern Turkistan, Inner Mongolia and the Democracy movement in China. Please refrain from unrelated activities.
  • Use of rude, discriminatory or abusive language is absolutely prohibited.
  • This is an absolutely peaceful demonstration. Please follow the directions of organizing staff members.
  • The focus of this silent march is to remember those who lost their lives. In keeping with the spirit of this, please do not wear any fancy costumes or bring instruments.
  • Please take care that you do not become dehydrated or heat exhausted from overexertion. You are responsible for your own water, etc.


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